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Piece by Piece Physiotherapy Halifax

Award-winning clinic dedicated to getting you better as quickly as possible! 

Whatever your ache and pain, there is always something which can be done to help.



Conditions treated:

Neck pain

Shoulder problems

Hips issues

Ankles and Feet 


Back pain

Elbows and Wrists

Knee pain

Sports Injuries

After Surgery and More....

My approach is to find the root cause of your problem and actively treat that with manual therapies when appropriate, but also giving you the knowledge and exercises needed to help you get on top of the problem as quickly as possible. 

With over 14 years experience treating musculoskeletal problems in clients ranging from the everyday person in the street to Olympic athletes, I have built a strong reputation for being able to help whatever the circumstance, adapting to the needs of my clients.


After qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2006 at the University of Huddersfield, my career has seen me practice in various settings, from the NHS, BUPA and private clinics in Toronto, Canada.

Prior to my physiotherapy degree I completed a sports degree which encompassed modules based on effective practical training protocols and methods, sports science and sports therapy - all of which I still encompass in my assessments and treatments to get the best results possible.


Piece by Piece physiotherapy has been set up to help people get back to living a full and active life as quickly as possible.

Get in touch to discuss any concerns or issues, with no pressure or obligations, and start your recovery today!

Physiotherapy Clinic Halifax
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