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Cold weather and pain

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Physiotherapy in Halifax - Cold weather and pain

Why do so many of us get more aches and pain in the autumn and winter compared to summer?

There is not one answer, but there are a few theories as to why we feel more pain and stiffness from old injuries, arthritis and in general through the colder, wetter months.

Lower atmospheric pressure has been seen as a link with increased for pain for many years and there is research to back it up. Many people know the weather outside is bad before they’ve open the curtains - a drop in atmospheric pressure is probably to blame for this increased pain and bad weather!

Muscle, ligaments and tendons are not as pliable in cold weather – in essence cold makes things tighter. Couple that with damp/ moist conditions allowing temperature (hot or cold) to penetrate our muscle tissue easier then we don’t just feel tighter, we are actually tighter. This increases the chance of new injuries, while also putting old injuries under stress and making them achy and painful.

Nerves feel more pain when cold. Often studies on pain relief use cold to stimulate pain. Thankfully, when controlled and not too extreme, a cold temperature creates pain but does not lead to permanent tissue damage. This is no different in a cold wind or on a damp and cold morning.

Often cold weather exposes problem areas which when warm and not stressed are fine, but the extra stress of cold damp weather brings them to our attention.

To get help resolving your aches and pains, get in touch today to see how I can help.

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