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How can physiotherapy help after an injury?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Physiotherapy in Halifax - how physio can help

How can physiotherapy help after an injury?

Physiotherapy has been proven to help recovery from an initial injury. The key is to help someone be pain free and return to activity as quickly and safely as possible, while helping to prevent future injuries.

This all starts with a thorough assessment and personalised treatment plan which will aim to:

* Reduce swelling and pain. The initial step in healing, which is also necessary so care needs to be taken not disrupt the body’s natural ability to heal, but to help guide it and help you be pain free as quickly as possible.

* Regain full range of motion at the affected area. Ensuring the injured area or joint moves correctly is vital to preventing further injury, or creating new problems in other areas of the body.

* Regain strength and stamina. It is important to minimise any weakness which occurs due to the injury and inactivity. Also if weakness contributed to the injury, this also needs addressing. Tape or support braces may be used to help you return to activity quicker, the aim is not to be dependent on these in the long term, but can help in the short to medium term.

* Regain proprioception. The body’s sense of spatial awareness and is very important in balance and performance as well as all aspects of daily life and activity. Injury impairs this sense and needs addressing to help prevent further injury.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with an experienced physiotherapist, just get in touch!

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