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It's the time of the year to think BIG!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Physiotherapy in Halifax

It’s the time of year to think BIG!

Many start to think about training for a marathon, to cycle a stage of Le Tour, climb the three peaks or just get in better shape.

Unfortunately, by the spring, many goals are an afterthought and left until next year.

Some common reasons are:

  • Training too much too soon and the inevitable injury occurs. After the injury, the willpower and drive are replaced by frustration and the tailoring-off of training.

  • Loss of motivation – this is why gyms across the country are full at present, with well-intentioned gym-goers who will hate the gym in a month or so.

To help the many who start off too quickly and burnout, or the ones who just get bored of the treadmill, here are some simple steps to try:

  • Don’t exhaust yourself in the gym or push out that last set to failure – leave it for next time. To satisfy the itch, you’ll have to go back a ‘next time’, which will help you get into a consistent routine.

  • Try cross-training to help you achieve your goals – cycling, swimming, circuit training can all help someone’s goal of running a marathon. Mixing it up helps the boredom and can make your specific training feel fresher.

These two tips combine to ease burnout and spread out the pressures on the body; helping to lower the risk of injury (which hinders everyone’s goals) and helps keep your goal alive.

If you need help keeping your ‘goal alive’ get in touch to see how Piece by Piece Physiotherapy can help.

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