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Motion is Lotion

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Physiotherapy in Halifax - Motion is Lotion

Motion is lotion

Would you put hinges on a door if it was not designed to be moved into an open and shut position? Is there much point having wheels on a car, if the car doesn’t move? What happens to a bike chain, when it has been left stationary for too long?

You get the picture – things which are designed to move, do best when they actually move!

It’s the same in the human body - a lot of musculoskelatal problems come about because that area of the body has not been moved enough. Or, it’s not moving in the right way.

This is very evident in the spine – with lots of joints between the vertebrae – all of which are designed to move! If the spinal joints were not supposed to move, then the spine would just be one long bone going down the whole of our backs.

When people stop moving - maybe due to injury, work commitments, travel or watching the latest box set -it often leads to stiffness, tightness and potential aches and pain.

The synovial fluid between the joints does not get moved around to fully provide the whole joint surface with nutrients. Muscles and tendons tighten up due to this lack of movement and weakness from lack of use also occurs – all of which makes future movement more of an effort.

Thankfully, restoring the correct motion is the key to keep the joints healthy – Motion is lotion!

If you or anyone you know is finding it hard to get your joints moving – whether in your back, neck or otherwise – get in touch and see how Piece by Piece Physiotherapy can help you!

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