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Neck pain

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Physiotherapy in Halifax - neck pain

Neck pain

With the stress of the holiday season, watching a marathon of box-sets on the TV and decreased activity due to the longer evenings and colder weather – this time of year is a big trigger of neck pain. For many, this also leads to headaches and can put a real dampener on the festive period.

Posture is often to blame and has been shown to put people, more so women, at risk of neck pain – but posture alone is not the full story. The neck, like the rest of the back, is designed to move and move often – but with deadlines at work, cosy sofas to snuggle into and busy social lives, it’s amazing how little our necks will move through the cause of a day.

This leads to weakness, subsequent tightening and stiffness in the area – which makes the appeal of moving our necks even less - and a vicious cycle begins!

Thankfully, by understanding what is happening – addressing any weakness, stiffness or tightness all of this can be treated. Looking at how you sleep, sit and carry yourself all plays a part in getting on top of what can be a chronic problem for many.

If you or anyone you know suffers from neck pain, get in touch to see how Piece by Piece Physiotherapy can help treat your neck pain and headaches.

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